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Our Flavored Brandies reflect the tradition of quality and expertise that has made Hiram Walker the finest Cordial producers over the last fifty years.


Flavored Brandies are usually enjoyed straight, as an after-dinner drink.  However, their full body and flavor provide a richer taste in many mixed drinks.  Try the recipe found on each bottle, or ask Spirit World Liquor for additional Hiram Walker Flavored Brandy recipes.

All Flavored Brandies are 70 proof.

Blackberry Flavored Brandy-70 Proof.  A range of all natural flavors are combined to enhance the flavor of the fresh blackberries.  Delightful with coffee topped with whipped cream.

Apricot Flavored Brandy-70 Proof. Tree-ripened apricots are used to make our Apricot Brandy. Enjoy with your favorite sour mix for an “Apricot Sour” (recipe on bottle).

Peach Flavored Brandy-70 Proof. A variety of peaches are used for body, aroma and sweetness. Add to orange juice for a bolder variation of the “Fuzzy Navel.”

Coffee Flavored Brandy-70 Proof. The aroma and flavor is FRESH ROASTED. Hiram Walker Coffee Brandy is made from a unique blend of imported coffees and other imported flavors.  Makes a delicious “Sombrero” when added to milk or cream.

Cherry Flavored Brandy-70 Proof.  Only the finest selection of cherries are used to create the richest of cherry flavors.  Combine with cola for a great “Cherry Cola.”

Ginger Flavored Brandy-70 Proof.  The exclusive use of imported ginger and other natural ingredients bring out the wonderful taste of pure ginger.  Fantastic in ginger ale or for a “Double Ginger Snap” (recipe on bottle).

Raspberry Flavored Brandy-70 Proof.  Hiram Walker uses two types of raspberries-red and black– to create the perfect Raspberry Brandy.  Try the “Raspberry Sour” recipe on the bottle for a festive drink.



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